For a century and a half, the Duquesne Club has shaped and celebrated many of Pittsburgh’s legendary eras. From its earliest days at the dawn of the Gilded Age to the Jazz Age and beyond, club members and their guests have made history and made memories in the restaurants and rooms of the club.

A Tale for All Time is an annual series, sponsored by the Women of the Club, that captures the mood and mise-en-scène of an era in performances, menus and the magic of an evening unlike any other. And it’s all for the benefit of United for Women, the United Way’s initiatives for women and their families.


Philanthropy and camaraderie are good company with The Women of the Club. Organized as a society at the Club, our group meets informally for happy hours, casually for workshops and wine tastings, and elegantly for special events like A Tale for All Time.


Bricolage’s mission is to immerse artists and audiences in adventurous theatrical experiences that foster connections and alter perceptions. We expand the boundaries of theater by creating transformative experiences like A Tale for All Time, that include you, the audience, as a central partner.

The Neighborhood Academy, comprised of a middle school and high school, is designed to remove every barrier that prevents young people from thinking about their futures and the steps needed to achieve their goals. Our holistic set of programs ensures that all issues affecting young people are addressed. Students who cross our threshold enter into a tight-knit network of concerned adults who constantly evaluate their progress; in return, they commit to valuing their education, setting new habits of heart and mind, and growing into adults with character who will contribute to their communities.